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We Should Be Thinking About Death More


To treasure is to be human. We all treasure things. And people. Places. Ideas.

The Ultimate 90’s Treasure

In our culture, we place a high value in “accumulation.”

Accumulation of accolades, possessions, or assets — creating our own personal, lifelong treasure trove. The legendary music video of Johnny Cash covering “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails is devasting. Months before he died, Cash surrounded himself with an accumulation of deteriorating trophies.

  • Family. Creating eternal bonds with those I’ve been given.
  • Things that uniquely give me life and make me, me. Woodworking, writing music, cooking, etc.
  • Experiences and memories (with loved ones.) Creating moments that will be passed down forever.

I’m a communicator. I write and speak because I want us to learn how to flourish.

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