Seeing Magic in the Mundane

Adam Hendrix
2 min readOct 18, 2022

Mundane- characterized by the practical, transitory, and ordinary. Commonplace. Day-to-day.

Most people view their lives as a collection of insignificant and routine tasks void of meaning or excitement. Their days are spent wishing for something “amazing” in the future:

  • I can’t wait for the weekend, then I can let loose.
  • Once the vacation comes around, then I can enjoy myself.
  • When I have the money to afford a house, then I can be at peace.

When we focus our attention on the next big thing, we miss the magic all around us.

Life is made of these small moments. This is where the beauty lies..

As the brilliant philosopher Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Life is happening right here and now, not one day in some perfect scenario. It’s happening in a friend’s laughter or the smell of fresh coffee.

But here’s what we have to do :

You need to shift your focus off the future and on to this moment.

Stop thinking about how good things will be one day if this or that happens, and open your eyes to the beauty in front of you.

As you make this shift, you will begin to notice how each moment is teeming with life. Imagine feeling a sense of deep joy while sitting on the floor playing trains with your kid. Imagine soaking in the intense colors of a flower or being deeply renewed by a short walk.

None of us want our lives to be meaningless.

This is why a shift of perspective is needed. People are tired of believing the lie that a future circumstance will make things all better. The joy and peace and relaxation we crave is available right now.

If you are tired of life being a collection of insignificant and routine tasks, another reality is available right now. Shifting this focus can lead us to be people full of meaning in each moment.



Adam Hendrix

I’m a communicator. I write and speak because I want us to learn how to flourish.