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  • Terry L. Cooper

    Terry L. Cooper

    Full-time writer on Medium. 60+ ebooks on Amazon.

  • Gwen Irwin

    Gwen Irwin

    Author, blogger, Reiki Master, and Certified Holistic Health Teacher. Connect with me

  • Akarsh Nalawade

    Akarsh Nalawade

    Talkative. Easy-goer. Globetrotter. Quixotic. Polemic. Mind-changer. Tea Drinker. Nerd. I write (mostly) about the books I read.

  • J.E. Guzman

    J.E. Guzman

    Writing and sharing notes and tips I learn by doing my writing. You might end up giving better use to the tips and notes than I do. M.Fin. & MBA.

  • Salam 🌿

    Salam 🌿

    Programming | Personal Thoughts | Ideas

  • Kristina H

    Kristina H

    Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

  • Magdaleno de Jesús

    Magdaleno de Jesús

    Religious name of Travis Lawmaster. Lay Carmelite (MRC). MA Theology. Franciscan Univ Steubenville & Seton Hall. Writer. Musician. Missionary. Reformer.

  • Terrence Pugh

    Terrence Pugh

    Full-time software engineer and student. Passionate about education, technology, and other captivating topics. Education includes BS & MS in Computer Science.

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