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Adam Hendrix
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Focus on Process Instead

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  • Monotony. Everything feels the same. Nothing distinguishes one day from another. We just wake up and hit replay.
  • Lack of drive. There is no inspiration to achieve goals or create fresh things. We want to sit and eat snacks and watch a show. Maybe browse social media or the news.
  • Boredom. We binge shows. We get Door Dash. We make video calls. But nothing is exciting.
  • Meaninglessness. All this leads to questioning our purpose. Why even wake up in the…

Here’s why this is both good news and bad.

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  • A job situation that seems never-ending
  • A relationship problem that seems eternal
  • You have a physical ailment or disease
  • Debt or financial pressure
  • Your kid refuses to sleep through the night (I’m raising my hand)

Adam Hendrix

I’m a communicator. I write and speak because I want us to learn how to flourish.

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